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Innovation Workshop

The weekly Innovation Workshop presents the members of the Chair as well as the members of the research groups of Professor Fabian Waldinger (LMU) and Professor Dietmar Harhoff (MPI for Innovation and Competition) with the opportunity of academic exchange. You can find the programs of the past semesters listed below. Please contact for any questions.

Summer 2022:

May 9 Robin Mamrak Antitrust, Innovation, and the Case Against Xerox
May 16 Alessandra Allocca "No Man is an Island”: An Empirical Study on Team Formation and Performance
May 23 Sebastian Hager The Garfield Effect: Discovering Hidden Stars in Science
May 30 Ann-Christin Kreyer Financial Market Reactions to International Patent Disclosures and Grants
June 13 Alina Sagimuldina tba
June 20 Helene Strandt tba
June 27  Jae Cho tba
July 4 Agustin Faure tba
July 11 Charlotte Goblirsch tba
July 18 Cristina Rujan tba
July 25 Marie-Louise Arlt tba

 Winter 2021/22:

Oct 18              Lukas Rosenberger Invention and Imitation during the Industrial Revolution
Oct 25 Felix Montag Mergers, Foreign Entry, and Jobs: Evidence from the U.S. Appliance Industry
Nov 8 Richard Bräuer (IW Halle) The International Inventor Labor Market - Does changing matching behavior between inventors and firms accelerate the growth slowdown?
Nov 29 Marina Chugunova (MPI) Sexual Misconduct Allegations: Do You Separate the Researcher From His Research?
Dec 6 Alessandra Allocca Gender Role Models in Internet-Rule Writing
Dec 13 Felix Poege (TPRI/Boston University) Duplication of research and other mechanisms: Innovation and the breakup of IG Farben
Dec 20  Alina Sagimuldina Whom to inform about prices? Evidence from the German fuel market
Jan 10 David Angendendt (TUM) Trade Secrets and Exclusive Contracts in the Automotive Industry
Feb 7  Vanja Milanovic The Innovation Impact of Trade Protection: Analysing the 1981 Voluntary Export Restraints on Japanese Automobiles
Feb 14   Marie-Louise Arlt The role of public and private investment in building up EV charging infrastructure